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Month: January 2021

GameStop: What a “Meme Stock” Teaches us about Market Manipulation

- Posted on 01/28/21

“[GameStop] is about more than just money, [GameStop] is about sending a message”, writes one user on the popular online messaging board Reddit. In recent weeks, the video game and electronic retailer GameStop has become the battleground for a stock trading war between retail investors and powerful hedge funds. To understand how this conflict ensued

The Government Corruption Defense in International Narco-trafficking Cases

- Posted on 01/15/21

International narcotics trafficking organizations are large, complex organizations, and investigations into organizations frequently involve multi-agency task forces involving law enforcement agencies from the U.S. and the country in which the agency is based.  This means that U.S. law enforcement agencies are frequently working hand-in-hand with the law enforcement agencies of other countries where the rule