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Who Owns the Ocean?

- Posted on 01/04/22

By Dennis E. Boyle Or, more specifically, who owns shipwrecks located on the ocean floor?  Over the centuries, forces of nature and acts of war have sent countless vessels to the bottom of the sea.  These wrecks rarely have items of significant economic value.  More often, the cargos they carried consisted of bulk cargo, like

Identity Deception & Theft in Washington D.C.

- Posted on 01/04/22

Under Washington D.C. law, identify deception and theft carries a broad definition. It typically involves the intent to steal another person’s information or property. An individual can be charged with identify theft if they meet one or more of the following criteria: The individual uses personal identifying information belonging to another person to obtain or

The Case of Congressman Fortenberry

- Posted on 12/17/21

Representing Individuals in Federal Investigations is not for Amateurs: The Case of Congressman Fortenberry By Dennis E. Boyle I recently came across a commentary about Jeff Fortenberry, a Republican Congressman from Nebraska who is charged with making a false statement to FBI agents concerning the source of campaign contributions he received.  The thrust of the

Expunged & Sealed Records in Background Checks

- Posted on 12/02/21

Having a criminal history of any kind can be a significant barrier to many normal aspects of our lives, particularly employment and housing. If you’re applying for a job or are trying to rent a house, it’s almost guaranteed that a background check is going to be conducted. Imagine your surprise when records that you