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Understanding COVID-19 Fraud and how to Prepare for Government Investigations

- Posted on 10/03/20

The United States and much of the World have been staggered by the global COVID-19 Pandemic.  This disease caught medical professionals, public health officials and public policy makers off guard, infecting millions of Americans and killing hundreds of thousands.  As the government frequently does when faced with an unanticipated catastrophe, it opened the flood gates

“Greed is good”, or is it? COVID-19 and the Government Bailout

- Posted on 09/26/20

In the movie Wall Street, Michael Douglas makes the famous statement “Greed is good” as a means of explaining why the desire to accumulate wealth helps fuel societal wealth.  Whether the statement is actually true or not is a matter to be debated among economic theorists and theologians.  It is clear, however, that greed is one