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Category: Fraud

Navy Procurement Fraud: Revisiting Fat Leonard

- Posted on 09/08/21

By: Dennis E. Boyle In 2006, a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), David Schauss, became suspicious of the relationship between several Naval contracting officers and Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA), run by Leonard Glenn Francis, a Malaysian national known as “Fat Leonard”, perhaps because he weighed a purported 350 pounds.  Francis,

The Story of Robinhood and the Sheriff of Wall Street

- Posted on 02/01/21

As the GameStop battle between the Reddit community, r/WallStreetBets, and hedge funds continues, a new player has inserted itself into the game and attracted a lot of attention—Robinhood Markets, Inc. (“Robinhood”).  My previous blog post gives an in-depth discussion about GameStop and how the current short squeeze developed.   This post focuses upon Robinhood and its involvement in

GameStop: What a “Meme Stock” Teaches us about Market Manipulation

- Posted on 01/28/21

“[GameStop] is about more than just money, [GameStop] is about sending a message”, writes one user on the popular online messaging board Reddit. In recent weeks, the video game and electronic retailer GameStop has become the battleground for a stock trading war between retail investors and powerful hedge funds. To understand how this conflict ensued

Understanding COVID-19 Fraud and how to Prepare for Government Investigations

- Posted on 10/03/20

The United States and much of the World have been staggered by the global COVID-19 Pandemic.  This disease caught medical professionals, public health officials and public policy makers off guard, infecting millions of Americans and killing hundreds of thousands.  As the government frequently does when faced with an unanticipated catastrophe, it opened the flood gates

“Greed is good”, or is it? COVID-19 and the Government Bailout

- Posted on 09/26/20

In the movie Wall Street, Michael Douglas makes the famous statement “Greed is good” as a means of explaining why the desire to accumulate wealth helps fuel societal wealth.  Whether the statement is actually true or not is a matter to be debated among economic theorists and theologians.  It is clear, however, that greed is one