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Washington DC International Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are many criminal defense attorneys providing legal counsel throughout the Washington, DC area. However, very few of them have the professional experience and legal acumen to handle criminal defense on an international scale.

Attorney Dennis Boyle is an accomplished Washington DC international criminal defense lawyer, white collar criminal defense attorney, and international defense lawyer. He has practiced in state and federal courts throughout the United States. He is certified as a criminal trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and is admitted to practice in the District of Columbia, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Alaska, and many other federal and international courts. Attorney Dennis Boyle is admitted to practice in numerous international courts, including the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.

Crimes involving the crossing of national borders exist in a challenging legal area. Some of these matters include Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties, international commerce laws, international criminal warrants, and multi-national criminal justice programs. If you face any type of international criminal matter, you need a Washington, DC international criminal defense attorney who can provide detail-oriented, responsive legal counsel. Schedule a consultation with Boyle and Jasari, click here or call (202) 860-3007.

Why Choose Us?

Facing criminal charges that extend beyond US borders can be incredibly daunting. Due to the existence of many different Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties between the United States and many other countries throughout the world, it’s possible for more than one federal criminal justice agency to pursue charges against you. It’s essential to have a legal representative with solid experience handling complex international criminal cases.

Washington, DC international criminal defense lawyer Dennis Boyle has more than 200 successful jury verdicts behind him and his legal team. Our firm is confident we can handle the most challenging cases involving international criminal law. Whether you face drug charges, white-collar financial crime charges, or any other legal action from outside the US, we can provide the legal counsel you need to minimize your sentence or have your charges dismissed. In extreme cases, we can help prevent some of the most severe penalties for breaking international laws, such as extradition or deportation. Attorney Dennis Boyle has successfully represented clients in a wide array of international criminal defense cases and can put this experience to work in your case.

Attorney Dennis Boyle is highly regarded for his wide-ranging knowledge of complex international crimes and white collar criminal offenses. He frequently lectures at national and international venues on the Bank Secrecy Act, International Emergency Economic Powers Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Anti-Money Laundering.

Attorney Boyle has received numerous accolades for his achievements, including the AV Preeminent rating from Martindale Hubbel, the Nationally Ranked Top Ten Attorney’s Award, and the American Bar Association Award for Professional Merit. Attorney Dennis Boyle has also been listed in Washington DC Super Lawyers from 2011-present.

Why Do I Need a Washington, DC International Criminal Defense Attorney?

Washington, DC is the nation’s capital and one of the most important centers of commerce and international communications in the entire world. When you face criminal charges from outside the United States, a Washington, DC international criminal defense lawyer can help you determine the best approach to legal defense. Some of the cases Attorney Dennis Boyle and his legal team have represented in the past have involved charges such as:

  • Securities fraud, money laundering, and other white-collar crimes. These offenses can lead to astronomical financial penalties, and some of these charges may result from record errors or other inconsistencies that do not equate to criminal action. Our firm can help you determine the severity of the white-collar criminal charges you face and formulate your defense.
  • Tax evasion and tax fraud. Violating international tax laws can have severe repercussions. If you are accused of violating US tax law or the tax laws of any other nation, call us. Our firm can help you determine your best available defenses and handle difficult tax-related questions about your charges.
  • Benefits fraud. If you have been accused of defrauding a healthcare provider, Medicare, or other private or public benefits program, the penalties for such violations can vary greatly outside the US. Our team can determine the international statutes that might apply in your case and break down your defense options in a way you can easily understand.
  • Espionage statute violations. US citizens are prohibited from performing certain activities while abroad, such as accepting covert assignments from foreign operatives and dignitaries or providing such parties with confidential information. If you have been charged with violating United States espionage statutes, the potential penalties can be extremely frightening. As your Washington, DC international criminal defense lawyer, Dennis Boyle can provide the legal guidance you need in this type of difficult situation.
  • Controlled substance and narcotics-related offenses. Facing an accusation of international drug trafficking, smuggling, or any other type of criminal activity involving illicit substances can lead to many years in prison, astronomical fines, and charges from multiple international criminal justice agencies. Your Washington, DC international criminal defense attorney can help you determine your available defenses for drug-related international criminal charges.
  • Violent crimes. Anyone accused of aggravated assault, attempted murder, or any level of homicide could face criminal prosecution from multiple international agencies. These crimes are typically pursued aggressively and carry substantial penalties.

This is not an exhaustive list of the international criminal charges Attorney Dennis Boyd has successfully represented. Any type of international criminal charge can lead to severe penalties, so choose a Washington, DC international criminal defense attorney you can trust with your case.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Former Prosecutor as Your International Criminal Defense Attorney?

Attorney Dennis Boyle formerly served as a Navy Judge Advocate, First Assistant District Attorney, and a Special Assistant US Attorney. After more than a decade of prosecution experience, he brings a unique perspective to international criminal defense cases.

Former prosecutors turned defense attorneys have practiced both sides of the law and have many advantages, including;

  • Knowing how the prosecution will investigate the criminal charges
  • Negotiating tactics of the prosecution
  • Understanding how prosecutors will value a case
  • Knowing what mitigating factors the prosecution will favor for a plea deal
  • Knowing what a prosecutor may have difficulty proving
  • Experience litigating a wide range of criminal cases
  • Extensive practice trying criminal cases
    • Examining, cross-examining witnesses
    • Presenting and examining evidence in trial
    • Writing and arguing legal motions

Potential Penalties for International Criminal Charges

If you are a Washington, DC-area resident and a United States citizen charged with international criminal offenses, you need help. A Washington, DC international criminal defense lawyer can help you determine which international agencies will have roles in your legal proceedings and the gravity of the charges they have filed against you. Most US citizens will face incarceration in federal prison, substantial financial penalties, and many other consequences for violating international laws.

If you visit the US or are a non-US citizen residing in the US, a lot is on the line. You could lose the ability to remain in the country if you are convicted of an international criminal offense. In these situations, you may face not only criminal penalties from the criminal justice system of the United States but also criminal prosecution in your country of origin or country of nationality. An experienced Washington, DC international defense attorney can potentially help you avoid extradition or deportation. Your attorney’s main goal should be to have the charges against you dropped entirely or minimized as much as possible.

How Do Culture Differences Affect the Legal System in International Courts?

Cultures, jurisdictions, and legal systems vary greatly in international courtroom settings. For the most part, there are two distinguishable systems, common law legal systems and civil law legal systems. At Boyle and Jasari, our Washington DC international criminal defense lawyers are skilled litigators in common and civil law systems.

Key factors in common law legal systems include;

  • Common law legal systems evolved over hundreds of years on a case-by-case
  • basis. The system relies heavily on a judge’s precedent or decisions. Laws, interpretations of the law, and sentencing are all developed over time
  • Common law systems are usually more adverse than civil law systems. Two opposing parties appear before a moderator, or judge, to argue their sides
  • The jury is presented with evidence and asked to determine the factual evidence in the case. A judge then decides how the law will be applied
  • Prosecutors and defense attorneys play an active role
  • Victims are not party in criminal cases, though they have a role as witnesses with limited participation

America and the UK are great examples of common law systems.

In contrast, general principles in civil law systems include;

  • For the most part, the law is statutory and created by legislatures, never judges
  • Civil law systems are inquisitorial by nature
  • Juries tend to be rare and are replaced with a panel of judges
  • Prosecutors and defense attorneys usually play a limited role
  • Victims may be parties and have rights pertaining to their involvement

France and Germany are also wonderful examples of civil law systems.

Still, many countries prefer a hybrid of the two systems. Seek the counsel of an experienced international criminal defense attorney in Washington DC today.

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If you have been charged with an international criminal offense, it is absolutely crucial to secure legal representation as soon as possible. Your Washington, DC international criminal defense attorney will analyze the charges against you and the potential penalties you face and then evaluate the strength of the prosecution’s evidence. Attorney Dennis Boyle has the professional legal experience to easily identify procedural errors and due process violations that may ultimately work in your favor in an international criminal defense case.

When you are ready to discuss your legal options with a reliable and experienced Washington DC international criminal defense attorney, contact Attorney Dennis Boyle and schedule a case review to discuss your defense options.

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