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Board for Correction of Records Attorney

Each service has its own Board for Correction of Records.  The Army’s Board for Correction of Military Records is governed by AR 15-185.  The Navy Board for Correction of Naval Records governs both Navy and Marine Corps records and can be found at NAVSECINST 5420.193.  The Air Force Board of Correction of Military Records is governed by AFI 36-2603.

These boards have wide discretion to correct errors or injustices in military records and are used to correct errors related to personnel decisions (evaluations), promotion decisions, discharge decisions and any other adverse decision the respective Board determines to be erroneous or unjust.  The is a three-year statute of limitations; however, the Boards for Correction can waive the statute of limitations.

These Board are powerful tools when properly used.  They have been used to remove adverse evaluations from the personnel records of service members, promote officers who previously failed to promote, to reinstate service members who were previously discharge and to change the discharge characterization of service members previously discharged.

The process for correcting a record begins with the completion of a DD Form 149, Application for Correction of Military Record.  The form itself is relatively straight-forward, but the failure to fill out the form completely and accurately can lead to the application being rejected.  Also, information not submitted with the form will not be considered at a later date.  Therefore, it is necessary to file all evidence with the DD Form 149 and to make the most compelling case possible to the written submission.

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If the matter the service member seeks to correct is important, a civilian lawyer knowledgeable in military administrative law matters can make a significant difference.  Establishing an error or injustice requires gathering the appropriate evidence and weaving that evidence into a compelling argument. An experienced defense counsel will also know the rules and regulations for each particular service.  Retaining the right attorney greatly increases the odds of a successful outcome.

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