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Military Administrative Law Attorney

Military administrative law attorney, Dennis Boyle has had a long, successful military career in the United States Navy. He has counseled, advocated, and represented hundreds of service members before various military courts. If you are currently under investigation or have been charged with a military offense, you need an aggressive military defense attorney who can relate to your service experience and understand the enormity of a conviction.

As a former Navy Judge Advocate, Attorney Dennis Boyle has extensive experience in military administrative law. As a result, he understands first-hand the seriousness of an investigation or a charge. The potential penalties would likely devastate your military career and affect your ability to receive benefits. In some cases, future employment outside the military could be impacted.

If you have received notification of an investigation, seek legal counsel from military administrative lawyers immediately. Contact Boyle and Jasari via our online contact form or by calling (202) 860-3007.

Why Choose Boyle and Jasari?

Attorney Dennis Boyle is admitted to practice law in state, federal, international, and military courts. Throughout his distinguished career, he has won many landmark victories in constitutional law, civil procedure, commercial litigation, and professional negligence.

Attorney Boyle served over a decade as a prosecutor. In addition to serving as a Navy Judge Advocate, he formally served as First Assistant District Attorney and a Special Assistant US Attorney. He decided to use the expertise garnered over years of experience to become a criminal and white collar criminal defense lawyer. Using his years of experience, litigation and arbitration skills, and valuable insight into the prosecution’s method, Attorney Dennis Boyle can craft a strategic defense on your behalf, regardless of the court setting.

Over the course of his career, Attorney Boyle has received several achievements and recognition. Most notably, he has received the Nationally Ranked Top Ten Attorney’s Award, the American Bar Association Award for Professional Merit, and is listed as a Super Lawyer in Washington DC from 2011-present.

Attorney Dennis Boyle is certified as a criminal trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, admitting him to practice in federal courts all over the United States, including Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Alaska, New York, Maryland, and numerous others. In addition, he has tried over 200 criminal jury trials to verdict in state and federal courts throughout the nation. Attorney Boyle is admitted to practice before various international courts, including the International Criminal Court in Hague, Netherlands.

Due to his extensive knowledge of criminal and white collar criminal offenses, he often lectures at national and international locations on the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Bank Act, and Anti-Money Laundering.

If you are a service member for any branch of the United States Military and require our assistance, contact Boyle and Jasari, to speak to a defense attorney skilled in complex federal, white collar, and military law.

Defining Military Administrative Law in Washington DC

Military administrative law refers to the laws, rules and regulations that govern the military and how treats service members for administrative violations.  More serious criminal violations are handled by military courts-martial.  When alleged issues of misconduct are processed “administratively”, it means that punishments like confinement and punitive discharges (Dishonorable Discharges and Bad Conduct Discharges) cannot be imposed.  However, the consequences of administrative actions can be severe.

How Your Rights Are Protected Under Military Service

Administrative actions can cause a failure to promote, the loss of pay and benefits, and separation from the military.  A separation can be under Other-than-Honorable Conditions. OTH).  An OTH can have significant, lifetime consequences.

Fortunately, each military service has enacted regulations to protect the rights of the service members.  These rights include, in many cases, the right to have a case heard by an Administrative Discharge Board (ABD), the right to administratively contest the results of an ADB, the right to have an inaccurate “record” corrected by the service’s Board of Correction of Records and the right to petition for an upgrade of the characterization of a discharge.  Although these rights exist, they are subject to extensive and complex regulations.

What if You Feel a Decision Was Made in Error?

If the military service fails to correct and erroneous decision, the service member in many cases will have the right to file suit against the service in U.S. District Court under the Administrative Procedures Act, 5 U.S.C. 500 et. seq., or in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims under the Tucker Act, 28 U.S.C. 1491.

Attorney Dennis Boyle’s Military Administrative Law Experience

CDR Dennis Boyle, JAGC, USNR(R) has represented military members before ADB’s the various Boards of Corrections and the various Discharge Review Boards.  As an officer in the Navy Reserve, for over nine years, he was assigned to the Navy Office of the Judge Advocate General, General Litigation Division.  In that capacity, he represented defended the Navy in actions brought under the Administrative Procedures Act and the Tucker Act.  He has handled all levels of review from the representation of service members before ADB’s through the military administrative appeals and review processes and in U.S. District Courts throughout the United States, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and in the various U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals.  Few lawyers have his experience in these complex military law and court martial defense matters.

Aggressive Military Administrative Law Defense in Washington DC

At Boyle and Jasari, our military administrative attorneys are dedicated to representing current and former military service personnel. Military administrative law is complex and can encompass a broad array of charges.

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