Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer

In Pennsylvania, drug possession is either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. While both drug charges have serious consequences, a felony conviction carries greater penalties.

At Boyle and Jasari, our Philadelphia drug possession lawyers understand your reputation, career, and freedom are at risk. It is important that you have an aggressive criminal defense team to advocate on your behalf. Contact the offices of Attorney Dennis Boyle to schedule a consultation with an accomplished drug possession attorney in Philadelphia today by clicking here or calling (202) 860-3007.

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Possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances can lead to years in prison, hefty fines, and a criminal record that could make a devastating impact on your future. The lawyers of Boyle and Jasari, have significant expertise in complex criminal defense matters;

  • Philadelphia drug possession attorney, Dennis Boyle, has practiced in federal and state courts throughout the US and in international courts.
  • After serving as a prosecutor for more than a decade, he now brings his insight and expertise to criminal defense matters.
  • He has tried over 200 jury trials to verdict, including many landmark cases in constitutional law, commercial litigation, and civil procedure.

How a Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer Can Help Your Case

A Philadelphia drug possession lawyer can significantly impact your case. If you or a loved one suspects they are under investigation for possession of an illegal substance, contact Attorney Dennis Boyle immediately. A skilled defense lawyer may be able to assemble evidence that absolves you before you are formally charged.

If you have been charged with drug possession, the dedicated staff of Boyle and Jasari, can help mitigate the damaging consequences to your reputation and your freedom.

Criminal drug possession charges can be complex due to the nature of the arrest. Often, law enforcement discovers illegal substances through the search and seizure of a person’s property, using informants, or through undercover operations. In some cases, evidence may be challenged on constitutional grounds.

Possession charges can also be ambiguous. Law enforcement may charge possession with intent to sell, a felony, but lack adequate evidence to support the charge. A skilled drug possession attorney can investigate the case, interview witnesses, and negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf.

Each case is different and requires individual attention to determine the best way to move forward. Attorney Dennis Boyle may be able to persuade the prosecution to dismiss your case, drop to a lesser charge of simple possession, or exonerate you at trial. Call Boyle and Jasari, today for a consultation.

Defining Drug Possession in Philadelphia

Possessing illegal drugs or controlled substances carries various charges in Pennsylvania. Law enforcement considers the type of drug, the amount, the whereabouts of the arrest, and if the accused has a history of drug charges.

In general;

  • The possession of illegal drugs for personal use is usually a misdemeanor and is regarded by law enforcement agencies as “simple possession.”
  • Conversely, possession with intent to deliver is considered a felony.
  • An exception to the felony rule is marijuana. Sharing marijuana with friends is typically a misdemeanor.

The difference between simple possession or possession with intent to sell can be ambiguous, forcing law enforcement to look at the “totality of the circumstances.”

For example;

  • Were the illegal substances broken up into small portions?
  • Were there scales present at the time of the arrest?
  • Was there cash present?

Attorney Dennis Boyle is an experienced drug possession attorney who can assess your case. As a former prosecutor, he has a unique perspective to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s evidence.

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