Philadelphia Drug Trafficking, Distribution & Manufacturing Attorney

Drug crimes are among the most strictly enforced offenses in Pennsylvania. While many factors affect the severity of the charges and sentencing, a drug crime conviction can impact your reputation, career, family, and freedom.

If you or a loved one is facing allegations of a drug crime, it is imperative you seek the counsel of a drug trafficking, distribution and manufacturing defense attorney in Philadelphia. At Boyle and Jasari, our skilled team has extensive experience mitigating the negative effects of criminal drug charges. Schedule a consultation today via our contact form or call (202) 860-3007.

Why Choose Us?

Drug trafficking, distribution and manufacturing attorney Dennis Boyle is a highly accomplished criminal and white-collar defense lawyer. In his vast experience, he has;

  • Practiced throughout the United States and internationally
  • Served over a decade as a prosecutor before bringing his knowledge and unique perspective to criminal defense litigation
  • Has tried over 200 jury trials to verdict in state and federal courts
  • Won several landmark cases in constitutional law, professional negligence, civil procedure, and commercial litigation

You Need a Philadelphia Drug Trafficking, Distribution & Manufacturing Lawyer

Choosing a drug trafficking, distribution and manufacturing lawyer is a very personal decision. After a criminal drug charge defendants may opt for a public defender or hire an attorney specializing in drug crimes.

However, a recent case study shows the enormous difference hiring a Philadelphia drug trafficking, distribution, manufacturing attorney can have on your defense. According to the research conducted by Morris B. Hoffman, Paul H. Rubin, & Joanna M. Shepherd, defendants represented by a public defender were more likely to go to jail and serve a longer sentence. Conversely, those who were represented by a drug crimes attorney served approximately three years less, if any time at all.

A skilled defense team knowledgeable in the nuances of state and federal drug charges can;

    • Listen and understand your circumstances
    • Analyze the evidence and interview witnesses
    • Explore how law enforcement obtained the evidence (Was the search legal? Did the officer have probable cause?)
    • Help you understand your rights and advise you on the best steps to move forward

Attorney Dennis Boyle brings his skill, experience, and expertise to every Philadelphia drug crime case. He has defended allegations of narcotics distribution and complex violations of constitutional law. If you or a loved one is the target of a drug traffic, distribution, or manufacturing investigation, Call Boyle and Jasari, today.

Defining Drug Trafficking, Distribution, and Manufacturing

Criminal drug crimes can be prosecuted as a felony or misdemeanor depending on a number of factors, including;

  • The type of illegal drugs or controlled substances
  • If the accused is a first-time offender or has a history with law enforcement
  • Where the drugs were located at the time of the arrest
  • The amount of illegal drugs or controlled substances

If you suspect you are under investigation for drug trafficking, distribution, or manufacturing, call Attorney Dennis Boyle today to discuss your options.

Criminal drug charges in Pennsylvania are defined as;

  • Distribution:
    A distribution charge is commonly referred to as selling illegal drugs or controlled substances. However, you can also face a distribution charge if the alleged drugs changed hands at all, regardless if profit was involved.
  • Trafficking:
    Drug trafficking is often considered the most serious drug offense. Trafficking usually involves moving large quantities of drugs for selling, buying, or trading. However, even small amounts of an illegal substance can warrant a trafficking charge for merely crossing state lines.
  • Manufacturing:
    A manufacturing charge can involve growing or using chemicals to produce or manipulate controlled substances.

The extent of drug crime charges and the severity of the consequences can vary widely. Some charges carry a mandatory minimum sentence, while others are complicated by additional charges. If, for example, the drug charges are in conjunction with another charge, like possession of a firearm, you will need a dedicated attorney experienced in complex criminal law to advocate aggressively on your behalf.

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