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White collar crimes describe a unique part of the criminal justice system that investigates and prosecutes financially motivated, non-violent offenses. While victims are not physically harmed, the use of fraud, embezzlement, or other deceptive means to cause financial losses and other economic damages are harshly sentenced in federal court.

The complexity and breadth of white collar crimes require a high level of expertise. Attorney Dennis Boyle is an accomplished white-collar defense attorney who practices in state and federal courts throughout the United States and international settings.

If you or a loved one believes they are under suspicion, under investigation, or have been charged with a criminal offense, contact a Philadelphia white collar crimes attorney immediately. The earlier an experienced white collar lawyer is retained, the better the chances for a successful defense. Contact Boyle and Jasari, today by clicking here or calling (202) 860-3007.

Why Choose Boyle and Jasari?

Attorney Dennis Boyle is highly regarded in his field. He is certified as a criminal trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and is admitted to numerous federal courts throughout the United States. Attorney Boyle is also admitted to practice before the International Criminal Court in Hague, Netherlands.

After years of complex criminal defense, Attorney Dennis Boyle has won a number of landmark cases in constitutional law, professional negligence, civil procedure, and commercial litigation. He has tried more than 200 criminal jury trials in federal court, involving allegations of Securities Fraud, Money Laundering, Medicare Fraud, Bank Fraud, Tax Fraud & Evasion, Wire & Mail Fraud, and many more.

How a White-Collar Crime Attorney Can Help in Philadelphia

The government takes a stern stance on white collar crime. Penalties can include heavy fines, restitution to alleged victims, and a lengthy prison sentence. Since the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, Congress eliminated parole for federal crimes. Facing a long-term prison sentence without the possibility of parole is daunting. It is imperative you gain the counsel of an experienced Philadelphia white collar crime attorney immediately.

White collar crime cases begin with an investigation, using subpoenas for financial records, warrants to search your home and office, and interviewing employees, co-workers, vendors, and clients. If the prosecution believes there is sufficient evidence, a grand jury will subpoena records, hear testimony, and issue an Indictment.

Attorney Dennis Boyle understands most cases are won or lost before a trial begins. In many situations, conducting a thorough investigation by examining the details of the case, retaining investigators and experts, and gathering critical evidence can persuade the prosecution to dismiss the case.

In the event your case continues to trial, Attorney Dennis Boyle has a unique perspective in criminal matters. He formerly served as a Navy Judge Advocate, First Assistant District Attorney, and Special Assistant US Attorney. After serving over a decade as a prosecutor, he now brings his distinctive insight and expertise to defend those accused of criminal and white collar criminal offenses.

At Boyle and Jasari, our white collar defense lawyers in Philadelphia are committed to mitigating the damages criminal allegations impose on your life. Every case is different. Schedule a consultation with one of our defense attorneys today to find a good solution for your case and help protect your reputation.

Defining White Collar Crime in Pennsylvania

White collar crimes fall into several categories. Attorney Dennis Boyle has defended numerous cases successfully in both state and federal courts.

His experience includes but is not limited to defending allegations of;

  • Cyber Crime
  • International Criminal Law
  • Racketeering and Organized Crime
    • Racketeering interferes with interstate commerce
    • Organized crime involves criminal activity that is planned and controlled by a powerful group on a large scale
  • Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud
    • Using physical mail systems or electronic systems to obtain assets or financial gain
  • Fraud Cases
    • Using deception for financial or personal gain
    • Involves a wide range of crimes connected to FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (a non-profit organization that oversees US brokers)
  • Securities & Investment Fraud
    • Securities fraud deceiving investors to manipulate the market
    • Investment fraud promising low-risk, high-returns, overly consistent returns, guaranteed returns, unregistered securities, or complex strategies.
  • International Investment Arbitration
    • A complex, international matter that involves disputes with foreign organizations, countries, or companies.
  • Money Laundering
    • Obtaining large amounts of money through illegal means, then using a complex series of business transactions and bank transfers to make the funds seem legitimate
  • Intellectual Property Theft
    • Robbing companies or individuals of inventions, ideas, and creative expressions
  • Bribery & Extortion
    • Bribery: offering something of value to a public official or civil servant to influence their duties
    • Extortion: receiving something of value from another person or company utilizing the threat of physical or economic harm
  • Banking Fraud
    • Using the banking system for financial gain through deceptive means
  • Medicare and Healthcare Fraud
    • Fraudulently obtaining financial gains from Medicare and healthcare systems
  • Tax Fraud & Evasion
    • The intent to purposely conceal or otherwise prevent the collection of taxes owed to the IRS
  • Military Law and Court-Martial Defense
    • Military law is an independent system of regulations, penalties, and procedures, and offenses are tried in specific military courts. Very few defense attorneys are allowed to practice in military courts. Attorney Dennis Boyle has had a long and successful career in the United States Navy. He has represented service members from the US Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard./li>

White collar crimes encompass more than the above list. Contact Boyle and Jasari, today for an evaluation of your case.

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The long-term effects of white collar crimes can have a significant impact on your reputation and career, even without a conviction. A person can lose their property, business, be required to pay the prosecution’s fees, and provide restitution to the alleged victims. Suspicion of criminal activity is enough to derail a person’s future severely.

Attorney Dennis Boyle focuses on the best possible outcome for his clients, using his expertise in complex criminal defense to safeguard their reputations and protect their freedom. Schedule a consultation with our Philadelphia white collar criminal defense lawyers today. Contact Boyle and Jasari via the online contact form, or call (202) 860-3007.